Why Move?
The time has come for you to think about selling your home and moving. Many things happen before you start packing boxes and preparing to move. Here are some things you should know…

The Reasons we like change

Understanding why people move is a big motivation factor in the entire process. Your enthusiasm for changing locations, whether it is across the street, city or country can quickly erode if you do not have a firm plan in mind.

  1. Too small…often families just plain outgrow their first homes. Increased family size is the main reason home owners say they need a larger home.
  2. Moving Up… The grass is greener on the other side. People often want what they don’t have and long for a bigger, more expensive and grander, upscale home.
  3. New opportunities… Relocation makes it necessary for many to pull up roots and move. If the commuting distance exceeds an hour, most people would prefer not to spend two hours in traffic every day.
  4. Personal Relationships… Moving in with a partner or getting married can mean one of the parties will need to sell, especially if both owned homes prior to the commitment. On the other hand, relationship breakups cause owners to sell as well.
  5. Neighborhood changes… The neighborhood might have changed for the worse, economically, socially or physically. For example, maybe a new road system was constructed nearby. Perhaps the new neighbours have visitors at all hours of the night, or the old neighbours have changed their ways.
  6. Empty nest… Downsizing after the kids move out. There is no longer a need for a larger home. The older you get, the harder it is to keep a big house clean. A change in lifestyle can also mean wanting less yard work. A home where you can just lock the door and go away for extended periods of time.
  7. See family more often… Some people want to be closer to their family as they age and will move to be near relatives. Parents want to be near children. Grandparents, near their children and grandchildren. Or the opposite, some people want more distance between the relatives.
  8. Retirement… Active-adult communities are attracting many buyers over the age of 55. These planned communities have golf courses, club houses, workout facilities, week-end social gatherings, back-yard barbecue parties and more, all designed for people over 55.
  9. Health problems… Physical ailments such as knee or back problems make it difficult for an aging population to climb stairs in a two-story, so a one-storey home may be more practical. A trade-off solution for many elderly people who don’t require round-the-clock care is to buy a condo or move into assisted living housing.
  10. The Fixer Upper… Some people enjoy puttering and fixing up and selling real estate. Spending time, money and effort on remodeling, and once the work is completed, these people become restless because there is nothing left to do. Also known in this market are “Flippers”, some people buy and renovate homes as a business.