Moving Checklist

Before you fully move out of your home, there are a few things that you should look at first. The following is quick check list to remind you of issues that you should address before your moving date.

  1. Contact several moving companies to obtain a range of services included and an estimate.
  2. Obtain from your local post office, “Change of Address” cards. Prepare a list of friends, relatives, credit card companies, insurance, finance companies, banks, accountants, lawyers, government offices, license bureaus, magazine/newspaper subscriptions, doctors and dentists, trades people and mail them out.
  3. Contact all utility companies, gas/hydro, to ensure meters are read on the appropriate dates.
  4. If your home is heated with oil contact your oil supplier to fill oil tank or measure and value the supply of oil on the appropriate day.
  5. If your hot water heater is a rental, gas/electric, arrange for either transfer or cancellation of your rental agreement.
  6. Complete all necessary documents for school transfers.
  7. Contact all suppliers of home services you use: telephone, cable, bottled water, gardening, trash pick up, dry cleaning, alarm system, newspapers and diaper services. Arrange for transfer of services.
  8. Cancel payments for services to this home.
  9. Arrange for bank/trust company accounts to be transferred or established new accounts with letter of introduction.
  10. Arrange for cancellation/ transfer of home and property insurance.
  11. Arrange for family medical, dental, optical and prescription records to be transferred.
  12. Discard flammable liquids which movers are not permitted to carry, paint, solvents, gasoline, propane, etc.